European Regulations
RSD Beauty offers an alternative solution to hydrogen-peroxide- or carbamide-peroxide-based products, which are strictly regulated by the European Commission.

In fact, we have developed a 100% natural teeth whitening gel.
The European Commission does not consider 100% natural products to be medical devices, as such products (involving teeth whitening action without polymerization) do not meet the definitions of medical devices, but rather, are regulated as Cosmetics.
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For Hydrogen Peroxide content equal to or less than 0.1% or for 100% natural products:
Products sold in pharmacies-parapharmacies, mass distribution channels and in cosmetics shops, in SPA, in boutiques, etc., are not subject to any specific requirements, and in fact, can be used by persons under 18. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that you read and follow the directions for use provided with the products attentively.

For Hydrogen Peroxide content exceeding 0.1%
These products, sold solely to dental care practitioners, must be used by these "dental practitioners", and meet specific labelling requirements, including prohibitions for use by those under 18.

"100% natural" and peroxide-free
Ideally designed for beauty parlours, cosmetics shops, retail or pharmaceutical display units, tanning centres, hairdressing shops and other aesthetics or cosmetic centres.
Groupe rsd is a french laboratory offering a gel formula with various fragrances dictated by demand and the market.

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