The founders of RSD Group

Christophe Sauvaget - St├ęphane Samuel - Emmanuel Itie

Groupe RSD is the meeting and combined know-how of several partners from across the globe, totalling over 20 years of industry, mass distribution and sales channels expertise, who have united to create brands in various business sectors and to finance patents.

Groupe RSD is a union of a former sales manager for a major distributor, with 10 years experience in GMS France and 8 years import-export experience.
Of a cosmetics professional who has been creating brands and lines for over 20 years, and who has worked with all the luxury brands (Dior, LVMH, Chanel,...), and a former director of a company listed on the stock exchange, and which stands as the European leader in its area of operation.

Groupe RSD is the takeover of a laboratory and its patents, manned by dental surgeons who are renowned in research and development, and who have focused on the creation of a patent on our behalf: 100% natural teeth whitening gel, made in our laboratory in France.

Groupe RSD, filer, owner of patents and trademarks, Intellectual Property Code. Welcome |